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949 members. A subreddit to discuss the college basketball video games: College Hoops 2K8 and NCAA Basketball 10. Visit. Join. r/ZenGMBasketballCoach. 367 members. This subreddit is for discussion about College Basketball Coach, a free college basketball coach simulation video game.

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NBA Street Vol. 2 is the best arcade-style NBA game and NBA 2k11 is the best basketball simulation game. 31. level 1. damstraight4. · 2y. Lakers. NBA JAM.

What’s the greatest Basketball video game of all time? : nba

18 votes, 80 comments. My picks go to three games. NBA Street Vol 2. And either NBA 2K11 or 2K14. Both of them are amazing but can’t choose between …

What is your favorite NBA video game ever made? - reddit

What is your favorite NBA video game ever made? For me, NBA Live 2005 is the best NBA game. Good gameplay (still good today), best all Star weekend (3 point shootout and dunk contest are better than 2Ks ever were), great roster (bias since I grew up with those players).

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That game was broken af. I remember on the ps3 every single recruit in the nation was a PF. I also remembered you could play as Duke and not a single recruit was even interested in playing for you even if you just won the natty. They probably fixed it by now but that game really pissed me off with all its bugs.

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NBA Live 19 comes the closest of anyone to recreating the basketball experience in a video game. For me, gameplay on the court is the number one priority. And NBA Live is just so, so much better when it comes to playing actual five-on-five games. The players are more responsive on both offense and defense.

NBA Live 2003 - The best video game intro of all time? : nba

NBA Live 2003 was one of the best basketball video games of all time with one of the best soundtracks ever and the BEST intro. I remember I would play this game every day after school and I NEVER skipped the intro. Hmm I would say .... All I know is free throws, personally. I remember being a little kid and thinking those graphics were amazing.

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Then came Dr. J vs. Bird with its half-court one on one play, something every kid that ever touched a basketball can relate to. With graphics, animations, and sound (the best version was on the Commodore 64) that were head and shoulders above other basketball games before it, JvB was the first game where it actually felt like you were on a court. Spin moves, blocked shots, fouls, and a slam dunk that could break the backboard all made it feel like you owned the court as friends battled for ...

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This subreddit is dedicated to the best selling video game console in history, Sony's Playstation 2 We are all about the games, discussions, news, questions or suggestions related to the PS2. Tell us what you love(d) about it, what game you hated, when you first got your system, or if you're completely new to it!