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predefined process - English to Tamil Meaning | Tamil lexicon ...

predefined process translation and definition in Tamil, related phrase, antonyms, synonyms, examples for predefined process

Tamil Meaning of Predefined Process Symbol - முன்வரையறு ...

predefined process symbol - tamil meaning of முன்வரையறு முறைவழிமுன்வரை செயற்படுத்தக்

How to say predestination in Tamil

Here's a list of translations. Tamil Translation. முன்புறப்பாட்டு. Muṉpuṟappāṭṭu. More Tamil words for predestination. நியதி. Niyati determinism. ஊழ்.

PREDEFINED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

predefined definition: 1. decided, set, or arranged before something is done: 2. decided, set, or arranged before…. Learn more.

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What is another word for predefined? | Predefined Synonyms ...

Adjective. . (of an idea or opinion) Formed prior to having the evidence for its truth or usefulness. preconceived. predetermined. prejudged. presumed. presupposed. forebegotten.

What does PREDEFINED mean?

Definition of PREDEFINED in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of PREDEFINED. What does PREDEFINED mean? Information and translations of PREDEFINED in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

rigour - Meaning in Tamil

Description. Rigour or rigor describes a condition of stiffness or strictness. Rigour frequently refers to a process of adhering absolutely to certain constraints, or the practice of maintaining strict consistency with certain predefined parameters. These constraints may be environmentally imposed, such as "the rigours of famine"; logically imposed, such as mathematical proofs which must maintain consistent answers; or socially imposed, such as the process of defining ethics and law.