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Instagram. Iranian-born Farhad Zarif is the shortest professional men’s volleyball player to have achieved wide success in the sport. And at under 5 and a half feet tall, he’s as much as a full foot shorter than many of his competitors! His height gave him a special advantage as his team’s libero, or back row defense.

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Debbie Green, Olympic silver medalist setter describes what it's like to be "the shortest volleyball player" on the team. Often the shortest volleyball player on the court, Debbie Green Vargas, with alot of hard work, became one of the best setters in the world. Check out her story, told in her own words of how she overcame many of her obstacles.

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The shortest male setter currently playing in the Volleyball nations league is Masahiro Sekita of Japan who is 175cm or 5 feet 8.9 inches tall Interestingly Japan actually has the two shortest setters on the circuit currently as well as the shortest opposite that we touched on earlier.

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Does anyone know who are the shortest male professional volleyball players ? So far the only one (not libero) who comes to mind is Francisco Ruiz, Spanish national team. 5 foot 10 outside hitter with massive hops. Man, this guy has springs instead of legs.

165cm Shortest Volleyball Player Farhad Zarif (HD) - YouTube

165cm Shortest Volleyball Player Farhad Zarif (HD) - YouTube.

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There are some short volleyball players, and the shortest to ever play the game professionally was Farhad Zarif, who measures just 165cm or 5 foot 5 inches. In the female category, the shortest to ever play the game professionally was Jorella Marie de Jesus, an international player from the Philippines, measures just 152cm or 5 foot. The heights of the two players are way below the global average for height, which proves that truly volleyball players can be short.

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The shortest male and female volleyball players. But volleyball isn’t only for tall people. There are players who are below the average height. I mean way below the average. For example, the shortest men’s volleyball player is Farhad Zarif. This Iranian player is only 165 cm (5.41 ft). As you can guess, he’s a libero.

Height for NCAA Division I Volleyball Setters

Within this system, you will find setters which may be shorter than 5'8" but they will still be taller than 5'3". It is very rare, but some schools will run a 6-0 offense, in which the setters hit when they rotate to the front row - In this system, the setters tend to be 5'10" and up because they are also attackers.