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Setting Drills to Train Proper Technique and Eliminate Bad ...

1. Train Proper Footwork To ensure better location, we want to make sure there is a transfer of weight or step from left... 2. Draw the hands from too low We want players to draw their hands to their foreheads (Beginner) or even higher... 3. Follow through with hands away from target

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Basic Setting Footwork Drills. Team Pineapple VBC (Fort Wayne, IN) Club Director Lloy Ball (an American volleyball player, a setter for American national team from 1993–2008) shares basic setting footwork drills to train setter quickness and muscle memory before or after practice. YouTube.

Volleyball Footwork Drills

1. Take two steps, bring arms back, then land with quiet feet. 2. Now, focus on foot placement. 3. Now, add in a jump. 4. Now, add in a 3rd step. (Left-right-left). 5. Finally, add in the hammer position.

5 Volleyball Setting Drills to Develop Strong and Accurate ...

Players guide the ball counter clockwise around a triangular pattern with one person at the “point” bump passing while the other two players use an overhead set. Purpose: This volleyball setting drill is intended for the entire team, as anyone may be called on to set in different circumstances throughout the match.

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Volleyball Setting Drills. These volleyball setting drills focus on setting consistency, decision making, and footwork. Volleyball Setting Drills. Defense: Touch Ten! This drill will teach aggressiveness while playing a defensive position. Run the Middle! This drill focuses on hitting middle out of serve receive. No Easy Points! Serve Receive

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Volleyball setter footwork and setting drills for mastering the footwork for setting. Volleyball setting tips. Volleyball setting skills involve both hand se...

Setting footwork for young players - The Art of Coaching ...

The Art of Coaching Volleyball. Follow. Good setting is as much about feet as it is about hands. Here, former Stanford All American Cary Wendell Wallin covers setting footwork (as well as hand technique) with some of her 10-year-olds from 949 Athletics in Orange County, California. As you'll see, she emphasizes taking steps that allow players to quickly get to the ball, set with their shoulders square to the target and then return to their original spot.

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For this drill, the setter is practicing the correct footwork for moving along the net to get into position to set. The coach starts the drill by tossing the ball to the setter. The ball should be tossed somewhere along the net. To help develop consistency, each ball should be tossed in rhythm.